Taey Iohe

Flux of
sleeping II

Multimedia performance with installation and moving images with live music,
20 min 12 sec, 2016

In this fast moving, capitalist society, sleep is a duration of time of not-working and not-consuming, which makes no capital creating contribution. Sleep, in my work, foregrounds the pause and rest before awakening; awaking from an unheard voice and awaking from an untranslated letter. 

The multimedia work, Flux of Sleepings (in collaboration with the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Korea) dramatises a brief era of neighbours in the city sleeping in both an intimate private space and insecure public spaces. 
It is a work formed within the space of sleep, a sleepless one floating upon water, fluttering movements of people and experimental music. It reproduces various forms of personal space and insecure rest, populated by people who live within the sleepless city of repetitive production and labour. The work is built from auditory and visual reproduction and rest created together with the participants.

Concept, Direction: Taey lohe

Composition: CHOI Kang Hee

Korean National Contemporary Dance Company: KIM Geon Joong, PARK Han Kyul, KIM Ji Min

Performance: MOK So Hee, JUNG Soo Young, LEE Sang Yoo, KIM Bo Young, JEEN Been, Marou Jeen-Blake, Jonathan Dowman