Grid Installation with Aluminum, silk, embroidery, 430cm x 350cm x 200cm

문지방 바다 (2010), 알루미늄, 실크에 자수

Threshold Sea was constructed to generate personal reading spaces with embroidered letters and diagrams on blue and white silk material. The shape of the space became defined by the trajectory of the audience through the 12 chambers. Letters and diagrams in English and korean scripts played out as a non-linear story for an imaginary audience who were invited to explore hospitality and safety in a foreign space. Language was both liquefied and uncorporeal, though had to be brushed aside and passed through to progress through the story. The relationship between the artist, her forebears and imagined audience was dramatised in a self-contained reality-space within the exhibition.

Embroidery piece:
Dear Imaginary Audiences
Ah and Oh
Cha, May Tokyo 1980