bed time translating

‘This book features the artist Taey Iohe and seven writers giving accounts of their sleeping
experiences, and their thoughts about the phenomenon of sleep. Taey's art project,
is a photographic series, video installation and performance project about the
spatiality of sleep, which brings restoration and transformation. Even after a long night, when
morning comes, nothing has changed - in that absence, there are untranslated words of pain
and agony. In those words, there are non-linguistic elements like feeling, action and
sensation. This text book invites readers to imagine what has been absent in the space of
wakefulness.’  <Introduction> 


“ Night times of being a comfortable home to each other through sleep. I have memories of building a home, by stacking those puzzle pieces on top of each other, one by one; that place of our own, to which I can't return again. I slowly realised that my insomnia has been caused by an empty space, which held lost fragments of memories from that house, which used to offer homely sleep.”

- Excerpt from 3, Yusin Jeon

“The bed is a political space, where fights and conflicts happen; it is the place where we confirm each other’s feelings. It did not take a long time to distinguish what is truth and what is a lie between us.”

- Excerpt from Rectangular Furniture, Rooted to the Ground, Hye Jeong Moon

“We pause here, in bed. We have crossed a threshold to make a journey after receiving Taey’s letter. The bed is drifting away somewhere on the stream. [...] Our steps become like sleepwalkers as we travel with her and pause. This drifting will not be over. It is okay not to be over. It won’t be done... The arrival will be postponed forever. I won’t be fearful of departing, however. It is important to approach, not to arrive. My journey is to meet your approaching.”

- Excerpt from The Drifting Bed, Transference of Meaning, and the Emergence of the Constellation of Memories, Young Ok Kim