My work begins. 

My work begins with a close examination of moments of change, transformation, and restoration. I am interested in this liminal space in which living things and objects engage in their own transition.

I conjure with time and space, inviting the audience to experience, feel and imagine the change. Through installation, and moving sequences (of performance and film), I aim to create a composition that interconnects transitional times, stories and places. This process is an ongoing, reflective dialogue with daily, social experiences and everyday objects and people I encounter; I tell my story with these as characters and plots.


  • Unforseen, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2016
  • Flux of Sleepings, Constellation Trail, the Whitley Arts Festival, Reading, 2014
  • Solidarity between Generations, Selected Korean Feminist Artists, ARC Gallery, Chicago, 2014
  • You Are All I Have, Performance, Gallery BM, 2013
  • Solo Show, ‘Restless’, Trunk Gallery, Seoul, 2013
  • Here, There and Everywhere, Community & Research Project, Art Space Geumchon, Seoul, Korea, 2013

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Programme & Fundings
2019 London Creative Network, the Space, London

PhD in Artistic Research, Graduate Research in Gender, Culture and Identity, School of English, Drama, Film, University College Dublin