My work begins. 

My work begins with a close examination of moments of change, transformation, and restoration. I am interested in this liminal space in which living things and objects engage in their own transition.

I conjure with time and space, inviting the audience to experience, feel and imagine the change. Through installation, and moving sequences (of performance and film), I aim to create a composition that interconnects transitional times, stories and places. This process is an ongoing, reflective dialogue with daily, social experiences and everyday objects and people I encounter; I tell my story with these as characters and plots.


  • 2016 Unforseen, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, 2016
  • Flux of Sleepings, Constellation Trail, the Whitley Arts Festival, Reading, 2014
  • Solidarity between Generations, Selected Korean Feminist Artists, ARC Gallery, Chicago, US, 2014
  • You Are All I Have, Performance, Gallery BM, 2013
  • Solo Show, ‘Restless’, Trunk Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2013
  • Here, There and Everywhere, Community & Research Project, Art Space Geumchon, Seoul, Korea, 2013

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PhD in Gender Culture & Identity: International National & Local Context, University College Dublin

Funded by a doctoral award from the John Hume Global Irish Institute, my doctoral thesis, the House of Translating Space: an Aesthetics of Migration creatively and critically examines the relationship between the aesthetic, linguistic and political praxes involved in the construction of contemporary artwork, drawing on diasporic experience in the postcolonial conditions following the Korean War.

Research in Fine Arts, Chelsea College of Arts and Design, University of Arts London

BA English Literature, Language and Linguistics,
BA Korean Literature, Language and Linguistics,
(Dual Degree), Sookmyung Women’s University