Taey Iohe

Bed time translating

Size: 105mm*172mm Page: 244 Publisher: Type.Page.

This book features the artist Taey Iohe and seven writers giving accounts of their sleeping experiences, and their thoughts about the phenomenon of sleep. Taey's art project is a photographic series, video installation and performance project about the spatiality of sleep, which brings restoration and transformation. Even after a long night, when morning comes, nothing has changed - in that absence, there are untranslated words of pain and agony. In those words, there are non-linguistic elements like feeling, action and sensation. This text book invites readers to imagine what has been absent in the space of wakefulness.

“Night times of being a comfortable home to each other through sleep. I have memories of building a home, by stacking those puzzle pieces on top of each other, one by one; that place of our own, to which I can't return again. I slowly realised that my insomnia has been caused by an empty space, which held lost fragments of memories from that house, which used to offer homely sleep.”

- Excerpt from 3, Yusin Jeon

“The bed is a political space, where fights and conflicts happen; it is the place where we confirm each other’s feelings. It did not take a long time to distinguish what is truth and what is a lie between us.”

- Excerpt from Rectangular Furniture, Rooted to the Ground, Hye Jeong Moon

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