Taey Iohe

Decolonising Botany 

Initiated by Breakwater (Taey Iohe & Youngsook Choi), Decolonising Botany is a working group of artist/researchers with a focus on challenging and complicating the colonial system of knowledge production around nature, science, ecology and migration.

Its unconventional research and art practices explore alternative methodologies, counter-perspectives and experimental collaboration with the other-than-human. In the launch of Rewilding Knowledge, the working members will share their experiences and trajectories of seeding ideas and relevant practices.

As a public programme at Liverpool Biennial (2021), as a keynote speaker, we have invited Mama D, who is an extraordinary community researcher, working in Food and Nourishment Practice and artistic advocacy around Food Justice. In this launch, Mama D will briefly reflect the shared experience of  the artists, and will present 'The Food Journey’. Having lived and worked in East and West Africa and the Caribbean, Mama D is able to traverse between the physiology and psychology of nourishment, in different contexts. She encourages storytelling, coaxing out inner stories from a wide range of bodies and integrating each into the loom of nature.

The group will hold a public garden gathering at Documenta 15 in 2022 by an invitation from Tuan Mami.


This video is the recording of their launch Rewilding Knowledge - Cosmopolitics, Stone Womxn, Bluecarbon and Illegal Seeds as part of the Liverpool Biennial public programme where the working members shared the seeding ideas and relevant practices. Content created by Decolonising Botany Working Group (Laura Burns, Youngsook Choi, Taey Iohe, Ayesha Keshani, Tuan Mami, Helen V. Pritchard) and Mama D Ujuaje.

Copyleft with a difference: this is a collective work under the terms of the CC4r.

Funded by Liverpool Biennial x a-n Artist Bursary