I am Taey.

I am an artist and writer based in London and Seoul. My work engages with untranslatable socio-cultural memories and sensations through language and moving images, social practice and installation.

I am interested in the slow, entangled, liminal space occupied by women, migrants, and queer-feminists as a site of political, cultural and linguistic resistance in a decolonising context. My artistic research focuses on the decolonising of botanical culture and a reimagining of racial justice within collective practice. 

My recent work,  A Great Circle with No Rim (2021) explores the physical and mental space of Asian migrants’ experience in the English landscape through running. I also founded the experimental learning/unlearning platform, Care for Collective Curatorial Practice, making collective curatorial inquiry as a caring practice.

In parallel, I am a half of collective duo, Breakwater. Our work explores social practice across subject matters around climate justice and migrants’ lived experience, excavating counter-narratives centred around spiritual knowledge and the political resonances of landscape. Breakwater set up a community healing project, Becoming Forest, engaging with Southeast Asian migrants, building care infrastructure through creative workshops through understanding the nature of the forest. We are currently engaged in a radio residency (2021, collaboration with Cường Phạm) with at the Arts Catalyst, producing seasonal episodes exploring mental health issues with diasporic experience in a postcolonial context. I am also a working member of the Feminist Duration Reading Group.

I am a Somerset House Resident supported by Somerset House Exchange bursary programme (2022-23) and I teach in BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL.

︎ taey.iohe

For collaboration, enquiry, commission, or to say hello: taey.iohe@gmail.com