Taey Iohe

Flux of sleeping I

Performance still images, Community project,
Here there everywhere: the reaction of art to urban life

While I work as a resident artist at the Geumcheon Art Space, I was exploring idea of ‘sleepless’ and ‘homeless’ in near and wider society in Seoul. 

I invited different kinds of queer people and students to come to take over beds in somewhat roughly-built warehouse at evening time.  

“The screen behind the bed shows floating beds under the title of The Community of Proximate Sleep. Taey projects a space of ‘home (apartments)’ where the bed should have placed. Instead, beds passing a ‘home’ over to ‘homeless’ in the end. Beds in Taey’s photo work turned into a new ‘home’ for the homeless after leaving a ‘home’.

Though in dreary and derelict space, beds become the coziest spot to sleep on for the homeless. Beds in the screen leisurely floated though the border of ‘home’ and ‘homeless’, reaching performance zone.”

- excerpt from Yusin Jeon’s art writing 3