Taey Iohe

Flux of sleeping - interim

Multimedia performance with installation and moving images, 20 min 12 sec, 2015

In ‘Flux of Sleeping - Interim’, I created a multi-dimensional installation work with live sound, two moving image screens, seven bedroom-like spaces and a cast of walkers and dancers in movement. On the main screen, a woman wakes up in a white linen bed, floating on a river at dusk, while apartments light up gradually in the background. Inviting the audience into the darkened space, a drum sound filled the bedroom spaces: wooden pallets, mattresses with white sheets and bedside lights.

This installation and invitation of the sleeping happened privately instead of in a public programme, due to the MERS outbreak in Seoul.

︎︎︎ Read on critique, ‘the Drifting Bed, Transference of Meaning, and the Emergence of the Constellation’ of Memories by Young-ok Kim