Taey Iohe


Three Channel Moving Images, 17 min 24 sec

Intraweave is a three-channel moving image installation work, which contains three interviews with artists who left their homeland and came to work in London.

I conducted the interviews with immigrants who are engaged with metropolitan topography: Hawaii-born Stacy Makishi, who is active as a performance artist and a writer; Northern Ireland-born Anita McKeown, who is an artist and curator creating a new paradigm for public art and developing community projects; and David Dunkley Gyimah, who is active internationally in refocusing on the genre of video journalism from an aesthetic perspective.

This interview is divided into seven chapters and dismantles the question, the order, and the situation of a real interview. As if weaving a fabric, they use the same yarn to create a garment with a new narrative.

“What is the thread that connects us? Our memories, environments, lives, and dreams and different. With this difference, how can we be connected? You are essentially a different person than me. Unless we feel this essential difference through confrontation, we shall live this period as a part of one mass.” 

- Excerpt from artist’s note