Care for Collective Curatorial Practice 

How do we unlearn contested preconceptions, and re-learn unprivileged knowledge in traditional educational structures? How do we empower an invisible international studentship and learning society, in an apparently advanced education system; and how can we transmit the voice of this society such that it is heard? 

We, as a cultural collective explore the idea of care, collectivity and curatorial thinking in actualising practice. Our practice consists of a critical reading of contemporary thinkers and activists, exploring eco-feminism, cultivating an indigenous and shared knowledge, the curatorial practice of understanding the slow process of meaning-building, dialoguing with fellow curators and artists and testing out art-making.

A year before we began, a Korean art student at Goldsmiths tragically took her own life. We have talked about the experience of surviving December as international students, which can be brutally lonely. International students are irrelevant, invisible and insignificant - they are seen as tourists. However, in large part they sustain the finances of Western academia. CCC was born out of frustration at this, and out of an acute awareness of the need to form a circle of solidarity for each other’s intellectual and mental well-being. We question how art could relate to this unprecedented time, during which the pleasures of art could be seen as a low priority, during a time of threat to health and social stability. However, rendering this experience through the process of artistic creation, is perhaps the only way to reconnect ourselves as meaningful allies.

Care for Collective Curatorial Practice (CCC) is an alternative learning programme,which Taey Iohe sets up as a social practice, currently operating both in London and Seoul.

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